Race Date:

December 7th 2024 at 7:00 am,
Rehoboth Beach Bandstand


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What are all the deadlines for 2024

Deadline to defer: November 22nd.
Deadline to switch from the half to the full or the full to the half: December 5th at 7:00pm EST. (Or until the half is sold out or the full is sold out)-you can't switch into a race that is full.

Deadline to buy wristbands: December 5th at 7:00pm or until they are sold out. They will probably be sold out early. Buy early. No wristbands will be sold at packet pick up or race day.
Deadline for a partial refund: November 28th.

Is there a way to run the marathon or half marathon for free?

We have partnered with local charity Surfgimp Foundation. Surfgimp hosts a program where your registration fee is reimbursed after meeting a minimum fundraising amount.


What is the deadline to use a deferral from 2023

The deadline for using a 2023 deferral is the end of February 2024.  You are sent an email link to sign up for the 2024 race. if you don't see the email, check your junk folder or request a new link before the end of February.

Can I use a deferral from two years ago?


Will the 2023 race happen?

Registration opens 1-8-24  The limit is 3200 people. We are planning on 2200 in the half and 1000 in the full.

If I can't do the race, can I get a refund? 

This is our normal policy.
121-365 days before race day: 90% refund.
91-120 days before race day: 80% refund.
61-90 days before race day 60% refund.
31-60 days before race day 50 % refund
8-30 days before race day 25% refund.
After that no refund. Please do not send email requests for refunds for special circumstances. No doctor's notes or any special circumstances will result in a refund. You put in for the refund yourself by logging into your runsignup account. 
This policy also applies if the race gets cancelled due to Covid 19 or other circumstances.
A $5.00 processing applies. Registration fees through Runsignup are not refundable.

Is race day entry available? 

No. There is no registration at packet pick up. There is no race day registration. Once each race is full you may not switch into that race. Our limits are 3200 registrations for 2024. 2200 for the half and 1000 for the full.


Is race day packet pick up available? 

Yes. At the race start. Rehoboth Bandstand. Rehoboth Avenue and the Boardwalk. 5:45-6:45 Please do not show up at 6:45.

Is there a time limit for the half marathon

7 hours, like the full marathon. Just be aware, you have to do a 16 minute pace for the first couple of miles, as the cones are picked up quickly on Rehoboth Avenue.

Are there awards?

Yes. Overall male and female, overall masters male and female, 5 year age group awards. Each person can only win one award. The overall winner will not also win his/her age group. We will not have an awards ceremony this year. Check results before leaving the race. Awards will not be mailed. Half marathon awards will be available at 9:15. Marathon awards will be available at 10:30.
Make sure to pick up your award at the awards table. Awards will not be mailed.

What kind of shirts will be given?

TBD. Probably Brooks bright blue. Possibly short sleeve. They run small. Size up.

Can I wear a race number from a runner who is not able to do the race? 

No. There is no transfer of numbers. If you do this, you will be disqualified and ineligible for any awards. It is a safety concern. If you wear someone else’s number and have a medical problem, we have the wrong contact information and medical history for you. If you are caught giving your bib number to another runner. you will be banned from running this race in the future. If you are caught wearing someone else's bib, you will also be banned. If you are a bandit and are pacing another runner. That runner will be disqualified and banned.

Can I switch from the marathon to the half or vice versa? 

Yes. You can do it yourself until that race is full. Once the half marathon fills, you can’t switch into it. Log into your account on www.runsignup.com.  You can make the switch yourself. There is a fee to switch.  Once the half is full, you can sign up for the waiting list if you want to switch races. if you are signed up for the full and only run the half, you will be listed as DNF. You will not be switched into the half. Do not do this! If you don't finish the race you are signed up for, do not cross the finish line and do not take a medal.

No changes can  be made at packet pick up or race day. They must be made in advance.

For 2022, both races were filled by October 19th.

What time should I get to the race? 

At least 45 minutes before the scheduled race time. If you are picking up your packet race day, you should arrive by 6:00 am.

What are the pace groups for 2024

This will probably be the pace groups. They will not be finalized until close to race day.
Marathon:   3:00 3:15  3:25  3:35  3:50  4:00  4:05  4:20  4:35  5:00  5:30
Half Marathon:        1:30  1:40  1:50  2:00  2:15  2:30  2:45    3:00

Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

No. No. No!

Can I defer until next year?

Yes. For 2024 we have a deferral program. You process the request by logging into your account on www.runsignup.com.  You must complete the process yourself.  The cost is $20 through October 31st.  October 31st through November 22nd the cost is $30.00. After that, no deferrals are allowed for any reason. No exceptions. Please don't email us for exceptions. When registration opens for the following year, you will get an email with a sign up link.  You must complete this process, by the deadline, to participate in the next race. 

The deadline to use your deferral from 2023 to register for 2023 is February 28th.
Deferrals are not automatic. New sign ups are not automatic. Make sure to follow all directions and deadlines.

What is included in the after party?

 Unlimited food, soft drinks and 3 beers are included. If you are under 21, you do not get a discount. You do not get the three beer tickets if you are under 21.

Make sure to get extra wristbands for guests. Registered runners get a wristband with registration. You must buy them in advance. No wristbands will be sold at packet pick up race day. No exceptions.

To order go to www.runrb.com. Click on shopping. Search for after party.

Is the race a Boston qualifier?

Yes. It is a certified Boston qualifier.

Is there a bag check? 

Unofficial. Not secure. Numbered tubs around the bandstand at the start. The tubs will be moved to the finish line. Do not put valuables in the tubs.

What drinks are served on the course? 

Water and/ Power Ade ( about every 2 miles) Mixed flavors of Powerade.

How can I buy an extra wristband for the after party? 

Log into www.runsignup.com and add it to your registration or
Go to www.runrb.com. Click on shopping. Search for after party.
You will pick up the wristbands at packet pick up.
You must order them in advance and they will sell out.

What is the half marathon course? 

See sidebar map of the course.

When will we pick up our timing chips? 

Timing chips are on the back of the race numbers. You will get them at packet pick up.

How much does the after party cost? 

$45 in advance and $55 after November 15th. There is a limit and there will be none sold on race weekend,

Are there bathrooms on the course? 

There will be Port-o-Potties about every 2 miles. At the start, there are public bathrooms (Rehoboth Avenue) and Port-o-Potties from Clean Delaware.

Is there a time limit for the marathon? 

Yes. 7 hours. The Half marathon has the same limit.

We will strictly enforce the 7 hour chip time cut off. We have been lenient in the past and the finish times have extended longer. If you are not maintaining a 16 minute pace by mile 19.5, you will not be allowed to continue. If you disregard race officials, you will be disqualified and not allowed to register for this race again.

What are the closest airports? 

Philadelphia and Baltimore are both about a 2 hour drive from Rehoboth.
Salisbury, Maryland is about an hour away, but has limited flights.

Will there be gels on the course? 

GU brand. Flavors to be decided.

Where should I park? 

There is plenty of free street parking close to the start of the race. I would park on Rehoboth Avenue. I would park halfway between the start and the finish. The start and the finish are a half mile apart.

Will there be finisher medals? 

Yes. All finishers will receive a medal.

Virtual finishers also get a medal.

Virtual medals and shirts will be mailed about a week after the live race.

Is the course flat? 

The course is mostly flat with some small hills in Cape Henlopen State Park.

Can I switch races in the middle of the race? 

No. You will not receive a finishing time, if you change races in the middle you will be listed as DNF. If you do this, do not take a finisher medal. They are allotted for the number of people signed up for each race.

Is there any space left in the race? 

Registration opens 1-8-23 with a 3200 limit. 1000 for the full and 2200 for the half.  

What is the normal temperature? 

Usually, the temperature is in the mid 40’s at this time of year.

Will there be mile markers? 

There will be mile markers at every mile.

What day of the week is the race? 

This race has always been on a Saturday.

What are the best spectator spots?

Grove Park (Rehoboth)
Wolf neck state park lot. You walk one-tenth of a mile down to the trail. 
Rehoboth Avenue and the boardwalk (mile 2.5 and the start)

Will there be a relay this year? 

No relay this year.

Can I run outside of the cones and outside of the marked course? 

No. You must stay within the marked, coned off areas. You must follow the directions of Police, race directors, and emergency personnel. If you do not, you are subject to being disqualified from the race.

Can someone pick up my packet?

Yes. Someone should bring a copy of your ID and a note saying it’s ok for them to pick up your packet. The note can be an email. We prefer that the note is on paper so we can keep it in case of questions later.

Do not send an email.

Bring a copy of the email to the race.

Are there enough seats for everyone at the party?

Usually there are not enough seats for everyone to sit. Please do not save seats with coats, etc.

Does this race have an elite entry program?

No. We do not offer free entries to this race for elite athletes.

Can I get my packet mailed to me?

No. We only mail virtual packets.

Can I get a refund from a previous year?

No. If you chose to defer last year, you can't end up getting a refund from last year or the year before. You can only get a partial refund for registration fees paid in the current year.

Is there a way to run the marathon or half marathon for free?


We have partnered with the Surfgimp Foundation.  Surfgimp hosts a program where your registration fee is reimbursed after meeting a minimum fundraising amount. 

What if I don't want the shirt size listed on my bib? Can I just switch it at the shirt table?

No. No exceptions. Do not ask to do that. Volunteers can't make an exception. Do not be rude to the volunteers. 

There is an exchange table. If the size you want is available, you can exchange it at the exchange table only. 

If it is not available, you can check back later, after the race, or the week after the race.

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Race Date:

December 7th 2024 at 7:00 am,
Rehoboth Beach Bandstand